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Jan. 22nd, 2010 03:11 pm
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Today is a veryvery good day. In the car I heard this song that made me happy. I wrote down the words (not while I was driving though) and this is what it said:

If I could open my arms
And span the length of the isle of Manhattan,
I'd bring it to where you are
Making a lake of the East River and Hudson
If I could open my mouth
Wide enough for a marching band to march out
They would make your name sing
And bend through alleys and bounce off all the buildings.

Some of the words are silly and wrong because you cannot really do these things but I think it is like poetry where the words are allowed to be silly and wrong because they make you feel something Important and right now I feel veryvery happy.
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I cannot decide what my special trainee name should be for the X-Men so I would like some help please?

[Poll #1515139]

Those are the names that people suggested. But if there are more ideas that is fine too okay thank you!
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Today I went to Mass with Callie and it was veryveryinteresting! I learned that I am not supposed to ask Callie about sex during Mass and that when I ask questions about Mass the old ladies like to say 'shush!' But Callie told me a lot about Mass and a lot about why it has funny smells and people eat funny things and people sing lots of songs and stand up and sit down a lot. I sneezed a lot because of the funny smells and I did not like it when the priest (he is the one with the pretty shiny clothes) threw water on my head but Mass was interesting.
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I just wanted to tell everybody that I am moving to my own room today because I am going to have privacy but not because Meggan is not the bestest roommate ever because she is but just because I want to be able to have privacy in my bed and so if you want to find my room I have a new room now and that is all!
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Nick took Catseye to see a movie called Toy Story last night and it made Catseye curious to know what toys people had as children that were superspecial?

Catseye did not have toys until she came to the mansion but then her favourite toy was MiniSquid!
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Catseye has a question for everyone and Catseye's question is now that school started again is there going to be another play for the students to go in and can all the students be in it and which sort of play is it going to be if there is a play? Does anyone know?

Also who is coming with Catseye to Red X Leader Training on friday? Catseye is veryvery excited it is her first time going!
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Catseye is back from BigBrother's!

Catseye had a very nice birthday. BigBrother took Catseye to GoCarts with little cars and Catseye got to drive one all by herself! The MotherPerson came too but she did not drive the GoCart. And the MotherPerson brought LittleBrother to meet Catseye for the very first time. LittleBrother was a veryverygood present for Catseye! LittleBrother is very nice and very good at GoCarts and LittleBrother is named Harrison and he is not really very little at all but he is younger than BigBrother and BigBrother calls him LittleBrother but he told Catseye to call him Harry. BigBrother and the MotherPerson gave Catseye some very nice books and the MotherPerson gave Catseye some clothes too but they are okay. Then everyone ate pizza and pastrami sandwiches and cake and the cake had no chocolate covered bugs in it but it was still verygood!

And Catseye's friend Sarah gave her new books! One is called Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and one is called Through the Looking Glass and there is a purple cat in the books! And Sarah gave Catseye the movie too! Mrrt!
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Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt! Catseye and Yvette passed their tests to get their learner permits for driving! It was veryveryeasy! Now Catseye and Yvette have to drive lots in the car with people who are good drivers and then they can take their other test and drive by themselves! And Catseye only got three questions wrong on her test! Nyah!

Also, Catseye is going to live in the mansion again and Catseye wants to say she has the best friends at the mansion of any cat or human ever.


Jul. 13th, 2009 02:38 pm
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Catseye has made a plan that when newpeople come to the school Catseye is going to tell them right away that she is a cat and a girl because Catseye is proud to be a cat and a girl and because it is not someone's fault when they do not know Catseye is a cat and a girl because Mister Beaubier says it is not something most people are going to know looking at you at first glance, but you cannot be shy about letting them know because you're afraid that how they'll react will make things more complicated. Catseye thinks Mister Beaubier is very smart and Catseye does not like to make things complicated with newpeople so Catseye is going to tell them she is a cat and a girl, nyah!


Jun. 23rd, 2009 09:03 pm
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When Catseye first came to the mansion Catseye did not like human names because human names confused Catseye because they did not mean anything so Catseye named people what they look like or what they do but now Catseye understands that naming people after what they look like or do is like telling them that they are a thing and that it is mean and Catseye does not want to be mean to people at the BigHouse or Catseye's other friends in the BusyTown so Catseye is going to ask what people want Catseye to call them if they like to be called by their real names to be nice or if they like their special name Catseye gave them.

Also Catseye learned that peoples names are veryveryspecial to people sometimes because of the people who named them what they are named but Catseye does not know why people have their names and Catseye wants to understand if people want to tell Catseye why they have their special names Catseye would like to read, nyah!


Jun. 21st, 2009 03:52 pm
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Catseye found a baby mousie in the woods two nights ago and Catseye brought it back to the mansion because Catseye ate its mother by accident and now Catseye would like to know if anyone wants a baby mousie because Catseye thought NewGirl would take it back to the woods where it might die so Catseye took it to her room and first Catseye thought Mister Beaubier might want it to go with his NotVermin but he already has two so Catseye thought someone with no mousies might want one so if anyone else wants the mousie please let Catseye know and Catseye will give it but no eating allowed!


Mar. 27th, 2009 11:35 pm
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Catseye  is back from Morocco! Catseye saw many new things like new birds and new buildings and people and shops and food and Catseye got to eat the food and some of it was ickybad but some of it was veryverygood! And Catseye got to nap with BigHairGirl in girlform and BigHairGirl did not yell or be angry and Catseye fought moronicpeople with SoftHands and took lots of notes and wrote in her travel journal and now Catseye is not sleepy. And Catseye brought shinythings and yummythings home from Morocco for everyone!

Now that Catseye is back Catseye is going to be in the garage a lot because it is punishment for taking OneEye's car and Catseye thinks she would like to learn how to drive!


Feb. 16th, 2009 11:12 pm
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Is BirdBoy alright? Catseye saw him fighting with ShinyBitsBoy and Catseye is worried about BirdBoy's brain and his feelings even though he does not want Catseye to be his friend anymore.


Jan. 27th, 2009 12:40 am
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Catseye thinks that getting a job would be a GoodThing. Catseye wants to have money to buy books and Catseye does not want to ask BigBrother because Catseye is not a SillyKitten and Catseye can take care of herself. But Catseye does not know how to get a human job to pay Catseye money. Mrrt? Can someone help Catseye?


Dec. 21st, 2008 03:29 pm
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Thank you to whoever left the catnip for Catseye. Giving presents is a verygoodthing and Catseye says very very much thank you for the present.


Dec. 5th, 2008 07:42 pm
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BigBrother wants Catseye to help BigBrother put up his Christmas tree tomorrow!!! GARLANDGARLANDGARLANDGARLAND! SHINYYYYY! And tinsel! And SHINY BALLS! And jingly bells! And warm warm lights. So nice to sleep under. Mrrow!

Edited at 8:55 a.m.
Catseye told BigBrother that no humans or cats are leaving today until ShockyGirl comes home. Catseye is worried about ShockyGirl so Catseye is going to sit in the window and watch until she comes home. BigBrother says the tree will wait until ShockyGirl is safe.
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Catseye does not like it. No no no Catseye does not like it at ALL. It is not fair!

Catseye is going to visit BigBrother this weekend but when Catseye comes back Catseye WILL share GrumpyPointyEars's bed because it is The Way Things Are!
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Catseye has a new roommate! This makes Catseye veryveryVery happy! Especially because it is someone who came and left and now came back again just like Catseye and Catseye likes her very much but Catseye thinks she should tell everyone hello herself and Catseye does not want to do it because it is more fun to do it yourself! So Catseye will not tell anyone who she is and it is a fun game because Catseye will make people guess!
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Sep. 21st, 2008 01:23 pm
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Catseye went to visit BigBrother yesterday and Catseye had a lot of fun and Catseye stayed in sillyhuman form the whole time because BigBrother had a GIRL over and her name is LoudMouthGirl because she talks all the time and Catseye didn't like her very much but Catseye was very nice to her because BigBrother likes her very much and BigBrother and LoudMouthGirl smelled like NotSleeping and BigBrother said that Catseye couldn't tell LoudMouthGirl that Catseye could turn into a cat because it might make LoudMouthGirl not like him anymore and Catseye thinks that is a BadThing to hide herself from LoudMouthGirl but Catseye will tell BigBrother later when LoudMouthGirl is not there.

BigBrother gave Catseye some human candy called Caribbean Fish and they make Catseye's tongue fizzy and sour but they are very yummy even though they are not really fish. BigBrother let Catseye pick out a movie from the video store to bring back to the mansion to watch with Catseye's friends and Catseye picked the cartoon The Jungle Book and BigBrother said it would be a good movie for Catseye to see and Catseye would like to watch it tonight and if anyone would like to join Catseye that would be a GoodThing! Mrrt!
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