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Yvette gave me a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry pretty recipe box yesterday and it is awesome and I love it! Thank you Yvette!

And now I think I need help from everyone to fill the box!

If you have a recipe that is special to you or veryveryextrayummy, would you share it with me so it can go in the box? Please?
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In case anyone's wondering where their cats are, I have all the cats. Well, all the cats that live at the mansion. Except Desdemona. Because she keeps getting distracted. So Shamu. I have Shamu. We're going to hunt some chess pieces. Hopefully Shamu won't want to be friends with the chess pieces like Desdemona.
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In case all the advertisements I've been pasting all over town were ripped down by protesters, TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! DELI-CAT-ESSEN WILL BE OPEN FOR BREAKFAST AND ALL DAY TOMORROW! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

(Warning- there will be protesters there, so if you're planning to come, please be careful and please be calm and ignore them.)
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Since we're in that sad time when we've digested all our Thanksgiving food but we're not completely sick of eating Christmas goodies yet, I'm excited to announce I (with the help of my lovely cooks and helpers!) will be making available samples of food I'm thinking about putting on the menu at Deli-Cat-Essen for everyone to try!

The feast will be taking place Friday afternoon, so mark your calendars!

I can't put EVERYTHING I want on the menu, so I'm also going to put comment cards out in the kitchen and common rooms and if people could please let me know what they like and what they don't like, that would help lots! In other words, BY EATING THE FOOD YOU ARE HELPING TO CHOOSE THE DELI-CAT-ESSEN MENU!

Here's a list of what will be available on Friday, so that you can plan the rest of your Friday eating around this sample party!

(And if after you see the menu you have opinions about what should be on it without needing to try the food, please feel free to comment here!)

It'll be like the Hunger Games, but with food! Which is what the Hunger Games should have been all along! )

(And before anyone asks, yes there will be breakfast served at the Deli, but the Breakfast menu is already set! Same with the sides that'll be served with this stuff! And there will be regular burgers. And obviously this isn't the final layout for the menu, but if you have opinions on how it should be rearranged feel free to let me know. Also, if anyone knows where the heck I should put Poutine on the menu, please tell me! I have no idea what to put it under! But I have to offer Poutine for Wade and Mister Kane and Logan!)
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Deli-CAT-essen is ready to start hiring!

I'm going to put an ad on my website as soon as I figure out how to do that, and I'm going to ask my college classmates and send ads to the local papers and put them on bulletin boards at the colleges and the like, but I wanted to announce it here first- I'm ready to have staff!

Does anyone want to be my staff? Full time? Part time? I need servers, line cooks, bussers, dishwashers, every kind of staff!

The staff will be trained as soon as I have enough people and I'm hoping their first task will be to help me serve a bunch of different dishes here at the mansion in a couple weeks so everyone can weigh in on the dishes and help me decide on the menu!

eta: Gonna get some cheap frames for these and put them up in the diner now that Marie-Ange isn't mad at me anymore for sharing them with her ;) )
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(I also have a mortgage, which is less fun, but still!)



So yes, yesyesyesyesyes, I have a building now, the banking is all sorted out, and the space has been inspected!

I may be bribing people to help me do some repair-related things and furniture-moving in the future...

And hopefully it'll be open in a couple months!
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Well, technically, the bank gave me the promise of money.


So now I need to find a location for Deli-Cat-Essen!

Marius, you know real estate business type things, right? Would you go with me to look at places I can buy? I'll name a dish at the restaurant after you!
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Korvus and I are arranging a trip for people to volunteer at the Woodstock Sanctuary on the 29th of June (the day after the End of Year School Dance!) If anyone would like to join us, please feel free! It will be lots of fun!
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I have my last exam in an hour. SO CLOSE! I'M ALMOST FINISHED SCHOOL FOREVER!

...or almost finished school until I decide to go back. And assuming I don't fail. But I'm not going to fail! I'm going to pass and I'm going to graduate and I'm going to be a restaurant manager and I'm going to open a restaurant!
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Wanted to make sure everyone knew there were plans for a snowball fight on the mansion grounds tomorrow, courtesy of Ms Monroe!

Also, students, Maddie suggested to me a couple days ago that we could maybe plan some sort of outing to do something for the less fortunate this holiday season? Maybe arrange to serve a meal or go caroling or gather food or toys or something? Women's shelter? Children's hospital? Seniors home? Thoughts?
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I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew today that if there's something strange in your neighbourhood there are these people you can call? I keep hearing their jingle on the radio today? They're called the Ghostbusters? They're not afraid of no ghosts. Also, bustin' makes them feel good.

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I've seen this before but every time I do it makes me laugh, and I thought it was a good idea to start off a Friday the 13th with a laugh!

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Not that I care so much about football, but I assume there will be a party on sunday? I just care about what sorts of food we're gonna have! I think I'm going to make an Italian Sloppy Joe recipe for sandwiches, with veal, pork, and beef? Anyone else have menu items they can provide, whether it's just an idea you want someone else (ie me and Lorna and maybe Jean-Paul and Callie and all the other foodies around here!) to make or something you wanna make for everyone?
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There's lots of leftover haggis in the kitchen from Burns Night festivities yesterday! Please help yourselves!
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First week of college is FINISHED! I made it out unscathed! Hooray! I thought I might have some difficulties what with switching from LaGuardia to Westchester College at the last minute, but everything worked out in the end.

Actually, college is funny. I had one whole class today! This means lots of time to keep up with training though which is good.

So now that I'm back living at the mansion, and it's friday night, anyone want to do a Movie Night in the common room? Popcorn and pizza?
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After almost a year in Tel Aviv I'm back in New York to go to college in January and to do some training at the mansion. Hello! I'm living in an apartment above a bookstore in District X and after I actually buy/borrow some furniture I'd love for people to come over!

Oh, for those who don't know me, I'm Sharon, though around the mansion I'm usually called Catseye, so either one is fine. I'm a shapeshifter of the purple cat variety. I used to go to school here and I've been working in the Middle East with Elpis since January. But like the girl said, there's no place like home, or something about New York being a helluva town. I forget.

I'm heading up to the mansion soon to get some business sorted out and I'll be bringing a Turkish coffee blend with me which I'll leave in the kitchen. Please share or I'll have to go BigCat on people or do some lakings and no one wants that right?


Jun. 18th, 2010 04:59 pm
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Catseye wanted to tell her colony that she is leaving to look for Nick. Catseye has talked to the Professor and Mr. Sefton and they do not want Catseye to go but understand that there are things you must do when you are a couple and half of your couple gets lost. Catseye promises to be careful and will be talking to the Professor's brain very often.
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Today is the day of the Tiger! Happy Tiger Day! Mrrt! Tigers are not as lovely as cougars of course but they are still big cats and now big cats have their very own year! Happy happy! Roar!
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Mrrt! It is Red X's birthday today! Happy Birthday Red X!
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